Adpad has secured major naming rights sponsorship of the Aussie Racing Cars Championship for the Newcastle V8 Supercar event to be held on the weekend of 24/26 November 2017.

In line with the innovative and forward-thinking management style of the Adpad company CEO Daniel Prasad has worked hard to secure major promotional naming rights at the event with Aussie Racing Cars. All the cars in the category will carry prime Adpad identification across the windscreen strips and in the racing pit area. The Adpad signage will be in the faces of every spectator at the track and have prime exposure on the live event TV coverage on Foxtel.

The Adpad is a tablet-style device that doesn’t require an internet connection and delivers a comprehensive resource directory of Hunter Region business. Every household in the region will be provided with an Adpad…free of charge in 2018. This innovative new directory will change the way businesses advertise and consumers are able to locate them, not only will it be simpler and more convenient but it is the green alternative as it will completely do away with the books that are currently printed, delivered to households and end up in landfill.

Daniel Prasad can only be described as an electronic media genius. He has designed and developed and engineered the Adpad electronic hardware supported by its own exclusive software that will carry this revolutionary concept to the community.

“We are excited about the rollout of this groundbreaking new concept”     Daniel Prasad said at a recent media event ….   “I have been working on perfecting the Adpad and its operation for many years and it is encouraging to see how the business community is accepting it and signing up for ad space”      Prasad went on to say…..      “it is our objective to make everyone in the Hunter, initially the business community and then every household, aware of the Adpad and its ongoing value. We are thrilled to be a part of the high profile Aussie Racing Cars Championship, it is widely recognised as the most popular support category with spectators at the V8 Events, and the picturesque and undulating Newcastle street track layout is certain to add credence to that”

V8 Supercars will be the biggest event ever to be staged in Newcastle, it will be the Grand Final of the racing season. The Harbour-side venue will provide a real Monaco Grand Prix feel to the City and subsequently bring the hunter alive. The prime corporate suites are now sold out and overall ticket sales have been massive assuring its success even before the flag is dropped for the first race.

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